Friday, September 24, 2010

It seems almost miraculous but my broken toe isn't giving me pain anymore. It has been hurting me - sometimes agonizingly - since the Rosanne Cash concert in mid-August, nothing to do with Rosanne of course. Suddenly it's better, just a couple of twinges. The absence of pain is a wonderful thing. What do they say - when you've got your health you've got it all.

I went swimming in the lake yesterday and the day before. I've started wearing a wetsuit and I can stay in as long as I like, such a pleasure. Even though the air is still warm, the surface lake temperature is around 64 degrees, quite chilly, and as you go deeper it's even more frigid. It's so much colder than the bay - must be the depth or the lack of the Gulfstream. I hope I can keep swimming well into October. Then it will almost be ski season!

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  1. Hi Susan! You are the winner of the yarn contest on my blog. Congrats! Drop me an email at bluepeninsula AT gmail DOT com with your addy! Bonnie