Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What to say about the election? While the results are mostly what I'd hoped for in my own state, what happened in some other parts of the country makes me very uneasy. Maybe it's natural to want to throw the bums out when things are bleak, but I think that a lot of the discontent was drummed up by businesses in support of their interests - with the result that many of the people who backed those positions were actually voting against their own interests. No one could seriously argue that universal health care is bad for individuals, but it may have an impact on the corporate bottom line. The same for banking and credit card fees and policies. While I am worried for the future I am so relieved that the President had the opportunity to do what he did in the last two years. He's someone I admire immensely, and I have faith that he will continue to accomplish great things for our country.

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