Monday, December 6, 2010

Good times are being had by all this December (or at least by DH and me.) We saw Loudon Wainwright on Saturday night at the  Center for the Arts in Homer.  It's a fantastic, intimate setting for a concert, and Loudon did not disappoint.  DH wasn't especially familiar with his music, but he enjoyed the show immensely and laughed a lot. Loudon reminds me in many ways of Billy Collins; I think they're both wise, funny and (obviously) poetic. I must say that both the performer and all of us in the audience on Saturday were of a certain age - sigh. I texted DD#1 and told her we were seeing Rufus Wainwright's father in concert.

On Sunday we went to C & E's house for our book group's annual holiday party and book exchange. This year the spouses/partners came too, and it was really fun and festive. We did have to hold some of the guys in check as they tried to tinker with our rules for the book swap - they are persuasive fellows, but we were up to the task!

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