Monday, October 31, 2011

It was WNE/SL reunion weekend, and what a weekend it turned out to be. DH and I hopped in the car to head to Springfield on Saturday morning, oblivious to the fact that a major snow storm was headed to New England. There were a few flakes falling when we got on the Mass Pike, but by the time we got to Becket ("Highest Turnpike Elevation 1724 Feet. Last Highest Elevation on I-90 Oacoma, South Dakota 1729  Feet") we were in white-out conditions and 5 cars had  gone off the road. Yikes. That's when we learned that 6-12 inches of snow were predicted.

We slowly made our way into town, checked into the hotel, changed for the reunion and headed over to the courthouse venue. Big branches were down across the road, the parking lot was empty and the doors to the courthouse were locked. Our other four friends showed up - all of us out-of-towners who had never gotten the message that they'd cancelled the dinner late that afternoon.

We had fun anyway: drinks at the hotel and dinner at The Student Prince. On Sunday, we met more friends and had brunch at Max's Tavern. Most of the surrounding area had no electricity, so we were lucky to find a restaurant and to be able to get gas for the trip home. It wasn't the reunion as planned, but I got to see my favorite classmates, so it was fabulous.

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